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Notarisations and Certifications

We provide a full range of notarial services.

A primary function of a notary is to certify the signature of a client. To do this, we will ask for photo identification and proof of residential address.


On request, we attend on clients at their place of business or home.


If you are representing a company or other organisation we will need to investigate your authority. In some cases we may ask you to produce certain documents, such as a certificate of incorporation or good standing. A board resolution or power of attorney may also be relevant.


We also certify copies of documents as true copies of the original. Please bring along original documents when requesting this service.

Identification Requirements

Please provide us with 2 items of evidence as to your identity (and that of any other person for whom we are acting along with you) by providing us with   :-
1. The original of One of the following :-
Current signed passport

Photo-card driving licence

National ID card
Plus :-
2. The original of One of the following documents showing your name and full current address:-
Driving licence (photo-card)

Recent utility bill (not more than three months old)

 Bank or mortgage statement (not more than three months old)
Corporate clients: further documentation will be required and evidence of authority of person executing any document to be notarised will also be required.

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